1. Version 2.0 of En Passant is out on the App Store!
    This is a great update:
  2. New awesome King & Queen, game sharing, mood sharing, Game Center reminders, end game summary screens with sounds and a lot of bug fixes!
  3. We are now working on a couple of non-critical bug fixes that came with 2.0 & iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus support.
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The beautifull board of En Passant

Play chess beautifully for Free.
Focus on the board, iPhone & iPad.

Chess is a beautiful game, yet until now no app does it justice. En Passant brings you chess in a clean and attractive way. Rated 4.5 stars based on 98 customer reviews. Requires iOS 6.0 and up.

List of chess games

Delight in the details.
Be surprised.

Examine the board from the menu, swipe to see all captured pieces, quickly review the previous movements of your opponent. Small details like these make En Passant a joy to use.

Share a emoticon with every move

Share your mood
Make every move personal.

For every move you can share your mood with an emoji. So express yourself and enjoy seeing how your opponent feels. Make the entire chess experience more human and personal.

Tap analyse to investigate what moves are the best

Analyze all positions.
Save yourself.

What would be the consequence of moving my queen? Analyze all the different possibilities before submitting your move. Analyzing the board will save you from making painful blunders against your friends.

Tap the alarm clock icon to send a reminder to your friends

Tired of waiting?
Send a reminder to your opponent.

Sometimes a chess game slows down to a halt. When you get tired of waiting, send your friend a gentle reminder. It's just a simple tap away.